I am looking for musicians to round out this project named: JANCIK. But, I wish to explain that I have a vision of what will work (based on 20 years of learning from the best teacher in the business... Failure.. Believe me when I say I know what works and what doesn't). I am looking for Synchonisity from God and the Universe for the right people.. The right personalities to mutually express and create; from our heads, hearts and souls.
"'Making It' is not selling millions of CDs, or commanding large audiences...'Making It' is adopting a groups of humans into a musical family... loving one another... being honest and true... pouring out your heart out to one another... your fears... your dreams.. And with that intimacy... creating music from your soul that is just right... and your thrilled with the new creation.... THAT happens oh so rare.. And THAT is making it... and I wanna make it!"
What follows is descriptions of talents and personalities needed for this to work. It does not matter which people in the band fulfill which roll... and of course gender, race, nor religion matters in the right folks... but... I will say that I would like folks who mutually respect humankind, and love the Creator of this world. Cynics, negative, destructive personalities need not apply.

Emotional-Spiritual Roles:

Benign, Envisioned and Enabling
(That's Me...

Multi-lingual for Lyric Translations
(Czech (or any Eastern Euro), Native American, Mexican Spanish a nice plus, but anything is fine)

(for minor stages actions-performing
with the music.. As inspired)

Visual Artist
(for Stage Design also for


Multi Racial-Cultural Welcome
(with at least one Female)
Must be Astrologically, Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Culturally Compatible

(Note I did not say "Identical".. but compatible. There is a big difference. The latter yields Synergy... Age has no bearing.. If you have the energy to perform. I am 45)

Musical Roles:

Two Guitars
(I am one. Would want someone
of "lead" caliper, though "taste"
wins over "speed")

Bass Guitar
(Vocs &/or keys experience would not hurt)

(who doubles on Guitar &/or Keys
&/or Bass... I would rather not
be the sole front person)

(w/sampling, synth &/or
computer skills)

(w/Jazz back ground, but not
afraid to pound the skins)

Producer-Grade Soundperson
(With own equipment. Willing to be involved in original, innovative sound design to recreate the CD recordings live)

(Note: Any in the above left column, can be fulfilled by anyone in the above right column)

Song Samples So Far
(Unless noted otherwise, I wrote, performed,
recorded, produced, mixed and mastered
these in my own studio)

Princess Lava Lava

The Ancient One

My Studio:
Invincible Solutions, Inc.
(In Chicago, IL)
Bandmates to date:

James Arthur Jancik
Born: April 2, 1957 (Aries/Aries rising) {chart}
Lives In: Chicago, IL
Race/Sex: White Male (Czech roots)

(Picture, see above)

Musical Goals: Would like to finish CD and eventually
tour Eastern Europe and Native American Reservations
with like hearted musicians!

Guitar: 1979 Gibson SG Standard
(w/Iommi Pickups)
Bass: 1976 Rickenbacker 4001
Amp: Laney w/Laney Cab + processors
Voice: Low tone, rough, fair/good lead, but not strong harmonies... (Listen)
Songwriting: Words and Music
Other: Computer Recording/Mixing and Producing (Sonic Foundry Products) and Analog Mastering, WebSite Design w/streaming media, Digital Video Cam w/ Computer Video Editing.

Reach for the Sky...


If you feel a calling.. a burning... a churning to be involved, write an eMail with something about you (more the better) and I can schedule a phone meeting.

Please.. No egos, addicts, or emotionally challenged. God love yas, but been there and done that... too many times. Besides, this group will no doubt face many trials along the way, and want a fit crew to meet them.

eMail: blknight at innersites (dot) com