"Thoughts on Love"

-By James A. Jancik

An Understanding and Application of 1 Corinthians 13 in our Culture
In light of other Biblical Principles

If I communicate in ways which are easily understood and appreciated by people of all cultures and levels of education and enlightenment, but my motivation does not originate in Love, my words, as clever and pleasing to the ear as they may be, are no better than the squawks of reckless squabbles or shouts of confusing and corrupt rhetoric.

If I acquired knowledge spanning the universe and know the reasons, mechanisms and solutions for all problems, even to the point of things to come, but, the application of that knowledge or the solutions to the problems are not implemented with Love, it is no better that ignorant superstition or random chance.

If I have a spiritual understanding and connection with the Power of the Universe so as to be able to move mountains or change the course of rivers and time, but I'm not moved by Love, I am as alone and impotent as a speck of dust wandering aimlessly and hopelessly through the vast void of nothingness.

If my altruism and charity consumes all my wealth and time and even my life to the point of death, but I do not these things in Love, I am but a murderer, rapist and a thief in disguise.

What is this "Love" which is the sole distinction between Enlightened Ascension and Destructive Chaos?

Love waits for and accepts the proper timing and means to produce real benefits for the ones loved, perhaps even at our loss or expense. Love does not seek to benefit from the loss or at the expense of others. Love does not work for it's own sake, but for the sake of those Loved.

Love receives no pleasure nor displays joy in the loss of others. Love is not jealous of the advance of others nor brags to others of it's own advances. Real Love grows in the real growth of others and with others, in Love.

Love is not affected by the adverse actions of those Loved, but continues to act for the real benefit of those Loved; for by Loving those who do not Love, Love is best seen for what it really is.

Love believes, Love is kind, Love seeks reality and truth, Love hopes for the best, Love endures hardship, Love is content, Love is peace.

Achievement is not needed for Love. Nether is wealth, education, acceptance, recognition, status, friends, family, possessions, children, a spouse, employment, food, clothing or shelter. Love is not needed for Love; It simply IS and never ceases. And where Love Is, It will produce all the rest in the proper time and proportions for the benefit of one's Self and for the benefit of others.

It is written: "You must Love God with all your heart mind soul and strength." And again, "God is Love." So I say, "Love, and you Love God."

It is also written: "Love your fellow human as yourself." But I ask, "If you don't Love yourself, how can you Love others?" So I say, "First Love yourself, then you will be able to properly Love others."

How can we properly Love ourselves? Learn those principles for loving "others" and apply them first to the real or "inner" You. Reject the corrupt "outer" notions of a "lovable" Self; success, fame, beauty, health, wealth, knowledge, perfection, etc as achievements to be worthy of Love by your Self. It is written to not expect these from others in order to be Loved by you. Why then be a hypocrite and require these things of yourself before you can Love your Self?

It is written, "God loves us with a Perfect Love and in that Love there is no fear." And again, "God Loved us while we still (in fear & ignorance) hurting ourselves and/or others." Imagine the quality of Love we can give and receive when we release our fear and stop hurting ourselves and others and live in Love!

It is written: "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Treasure your Self. How can we teach others the value of themselves, if we allow ourselves or others to hurt our own Selves. Don't be a hypocrite! Take care of your Self and your growth. First Love your Self. Then, share your Loved Self with others. In this way you can Love and treasure others as you Love and treasure your Self.

(C) 2001-James A. Jancik
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