Sharing Vibes that Resonate

By James A. Jancik

I drive around the Midwest for a living... it gives me plenty of time to ponder.
So when a Vibe hits... the fruits of ponder... I write them down.

Short Vibes:
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"Takes One To Know One"
"Forward Vision: Dreams Or Illusion?"
"Love: The Best Vengeance"
"Breaking Habits"
"Criticism of Others: Mirror Inward?"
"Jesus and the Bath Water"

"What is Good? What is Bad?"
"Thoughts On Love"

Takes One
Know One

Takes One to Know One:

After being called a name or accused of a unacceptable act, a child cries out in rebuttal, "Takes one to know one." In this there is truth.

When we criticize or are bothered by the acts of others, it is actually US for whom the acts are being dramatized. Something in our Higher Self has put a "burr" under our proverbial saddle, to get us to look at our own attitudes or actions. This person, in reality, is a merely messenger (an "angel" if you will) and our teacher.

We should take this opportunity to:

1)- Study the whole drama being performed
2)- Determine the "principle" being taught (don't get bogged down with the base actions)
3)- Comb through our life and watch for where this principle can apply (or did apply at one time) to our lives.

We MAY have the chance to take on the roll of teacher to that individual, but it will be ONLY by acting in love by living out the very changes he/she has taught us by their actions.

(c)-MM James A. Jancik for Invincible Solutions
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Forward Vision:
Dreams or Illusion?

Forward Vision : Dreams or Illusion?

The difference between having a dream or living is an illusion is action.

There is nothing wrong with dreams and forward vision. The arm (or loss) comes when one lives in the vision while doing nothing to bring it into reality. That is an illusion.

The Illusion Safeguard Kit consists of:

1)- Articulate the dream
2)- Solicit counsel, access resources and seek education and help to bring it about
3)- Plot a course and stick to it
4)- Have friends, family or coworkers give you a reality-check to see where you are in your dream.

Some dreams are so lofty, that one person, or one lifetime is not enough. This does not an illusion make. Dr. King's
"dream" is not complete reality yet, but it much closer... He took action, and his co-dreamers are still acting. And we
are all the better for it. It was very lofty to change the prejudges of the nation (and world), but he took action, which cost his life, to start the journey of a dream to reality and avoided the illusion trap, for example, of constructing a separatist community.

There are many "dreamers" with earth changing applications on earth today. To the dreamers: Take steps to bring them
into reality. To the rest of us: Let's recognize them and lend a hand to help those dreams of the few, become the reality
for all.

(c)-MM James A. Jancik for Invincible Solutions
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The Best

Love: The Best Vengeance.

When an act of harm is aimed at us, many times we wish to apply the Ancient teaching: "And eye for an eye." But we
have been taught this Scripture in error. It was written in order to LIMIT punishment to ONLY and eye for an eye. (See
"Old Testament" Exodus 21)

It is further taught the best way to get revenge, to "set hot coals over the head" of an enemy, is to love them. ("New
Testament" Romans 12:9-21 and "Old Test." Proverbs 25:21-22)

It's all energy. Anger, lust, strife is all lower forms of energy. It "lowers" our spiritual energy to a fleshly, ego or
animal-type level. The energies of the Spirit are love, peace, joy, etc.

When someone who is lower based energy forces transfers that energy to an higher based energy person, it hurts. It
attempts to lower the energy down. The lower energy based person expects, even wants, to receive lower energy in
return; they know nothing else. So, getting mad back hurts the high-based energy person, and feeds the lower based
energy person.

But returning higher based energy to the lower based energy person has two effects:

1)- It is a strange vibration, and "burns" (I.E.- the "hot coals") the lower-based energy of the person.

2)- It can raise or transform the person to a high state of energy.

This is the purpose in the Martyrs of old. Fighting back, anger, fear, etc. would of been expected by those being persecuted
for their beliefs (or spiritual energy). But returning love for hate blew their persecutor's minds, and eventually helped
changed the course of the world in showing, by action, the Christ-like "higher-energy" spiritual base.

Those who are lower-energy based simply cannot comprehend the higher energy unless shown (thus experiencing) it.
And when receiving the higher based energy (or "love" energy) they have a choice to move up (Enlightenment) or away (Remain in Darkness, or lower light).

Simply stated, when hurt, returning hate for hate hurts only you. But returning love for hate, keeps you up and either helps to raise (or if they resist, "burns") your hater.

It's up to you.

(c)-MM James A. Jancik for Invincible Solutions
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Breaking Habits

If you are stuck in emotional-based routines, or habits, you must remove yourself, or "break out," of the environment,
and resources supporting those routines.

This could be as benign as habitual hobbies that eat up your time, or powerful and dangerous addictions. The formula is
the same and works as well for both situations.

You must lean toward your logical mind and your soul force to take charge and make the necessary changes, ridding
your environment of the "links" to the behavioral habits wish to be broke.

Like completely severing a bad relationships and abstaining from starting another. Leaving the whole job that hurts you;
rather than transferring to a different shift or department. Stop watching TV, or chatting on Internet altogether if your
wasting to much time. Do not say your gonna cut back... you won't. Over eating, drinking, promiscuity, etc. All the
same thing. It is like saying a little cancer is ok...

Allow yourself to create a whole NEW set of routines or habits that will propel you in the right direction. Then, it will be a
HABIT to do the right thing, or spend the right time. That habit will be hard to break... and that will be good! Then you
can try to reintroduce the old actions... with new guides and guards. You will also find that some old actions (like
additions) are no longer wanted.

Recognizing the need to change and saying, "I want to change, and I will change," is a important first step. But as it is
written, "The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak." You must be prepared and welcome total change, and that change
will come.

Einstein is quoted as saying, "We have to rise above the conditions in which we created the problem to be able to solve
the problem." And he was a smart dood..

God will inject the tools necessary to solve any problem; to break any habit. But we must actively use those tools in the
proper environment for success.

"Ask, and it SHALL be given you. Seek and you SHALL find. Knock, and it SHALL be opened to you..."

Meditate.. Seek from within... God is there... Loving you to be the best you can be... And use the power of your Mind
and Spirit to move mountains... and break habits.

(c)-MM James A. Jancik for Invincible Solutions
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Criticism of Others:
Mirror Inward?

Criticism of Others: Mirror Inward?

"Judge not, lest you be judged." As with most wisdom from the Ancients, it is rich with application.

It is also written, "Why criticize your fellow human about the dust speck in your eye, when you have a two-by-four beam
in your eye?"

We, many times see and criticize the faults, the "specks of dust," of others, when in reality we are seeing our own
two-by-fours beams in our own life. And when we speak out and criticize others, we are actually bringing judgment on
our own state. For out of our own mouths we are setting the standard by how we ourselves will be measured.

By simply writing this I have set in motion a karmic measuring stick that will be used for my growth. But, I accept this,
as I accept the principle as true and wish to abide by it.

It is also further written, "Remove the 3x4 beam from your eye, so you can properly help your fellow human with their
dust speck."

Criticism is a necessary form of helping and teaching. But, it can also be a weapon for one's own boasting of the Ego. I
submit that we should first apply our critique of others to our own selves. Only when we are two-by-four-free should be
look for spiritual guidance and an opportune time to pass along our observations.

So when you feel the urge to criticize or talk about someone, apply it to yourself first... If nothing else, you'll save
yourself a load of karma coming back at you!

Everything happens for a purpose... and you are the reason!

(c)-MM James A. Jancik for Invincible Solutions
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and the
Bath Water

Jesus and the Bath Water

During the time of Christmas, the world celebrates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.. And there are many thousands of
religious denominations that claim to be the “Church” of Jesus. Many of these Churches will point out the incompatibility
with each other’s “dogma;” that’s to say their absolute positions. But all acknowledge the teachings of Jesus as
profound to say the least.

So who is right? Answer: None. And All.

Religion is humanity’s way of understanding, dealing with and knowing God. Being human-based, these perspectives
are prone for error. If for no other reason, is how can a “lower” form of spirituality (Humanity’s Wisdom) know all about a
higher form; even the ultimate height of spirituality.. God?

In interpreting and applying the Ancient Written Wisdom, various religions pick one of the possible perspectives and call
it absolute. Others view some of the other perspectives as gospel, and claim them as the truth.

Add to the equation the frail human ego, which seeks to be exalted. What higher exaltation can there be then to claim
to know the absolute truth about God.

Many people are become unhappy in their churches and are seeing the inconsistencies, contradictions and arbitrary
applications of “dogma” and are restless. I have known this restlessness myself.

Studying the Bible and particularly the words of Jesus (as well as other philosophies and religions) has moved me to
say, “Don't throw Jesus out with the bath water,” when you become disillusioned with your church and begin to “lose
your religion.” Read Jesus’ words for yourself. Do not listen to some one else telling you what it “really means.” Seek to
understand them, in your own mind, in your own way. They are not complex. In fact they are very base; applied to the
most basic common denominator between ALL religions, and cultures, and time frames, and levels of understanding.

How does one get to “Heaven?” To quote Jesus himself, “Love God with your all and your neighbor as you love yourself.
This is what ALL the Scriptures and the Prophets are based on, and you shall live a life without boundaries”

(condensed and paraphrased from verses Mat 19:16+, Mark 10:17+, Luke10:25+, Luke 18:18+... read them for yourself!

He did not say, “Be a Baptist, Catholic, Latter Day Saint, Jehovah’s Witness, Methodist, etc. and follow their leaders.”
He didn't say specify Astrology, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism or the New Age. But if you happen to read the writings
found throughout these religions, you will find LOVE.

John Lennon said it; “All you need is Love.” Jesus said it before him...

I love you. Will you love me? And will we love one another?

(c)-MM James A. Jancik for Invincible Solutions
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