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Sunday, June22nd, 2014
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Detailed Show Info:
Segment 1

UPDATE: James McCanney did make it in a live interview (see info below)

Opening comments and news from James

Well... I did not hear from Les Visible, Janet Phalen nor James McCanney. Well I did hear from James; who, apparently in a remote, secluded location.

I received a TEXT which said he had a fair signal and I should call him. I called him with 5 mins, and it went direct to voice mail. I called him back several times over and hour or two, but to no avail. I wonder is he hunkering down for what is coming?

I am building a new computer to produce HD videos along with my radio shows, and perhaps I will spend some time outlining the topics, formats and methods I will use in these productions.

I also have some interesting news sent in from Listeners.

Segment 2

James with Open Talk

Segment 3

James McCanney, M.S. -Cracking RSA Codes: No One Is Safe?

7 years ago, James McCanney released his book, "Calculating Primes" which solved one of the oldest, most stubborn mathematical problems dating back to the great Greek Philosophers and Mathematicians. The ramifications of this solution, however, were soon to be felt in the encryption world.

Many (Most? All?) encryptions algorithms rely on these unpredictable prime numbers, seemingly in a random, pattern less progression, to base their keys on. After all, if you cannot calculate or narrow down the infinite to a subset, that is allot of fishing to try and find keys.

With his latest book, "Breaking RSA Codes for Fun and Profit", James shows how these encryptions are broken in "layman's" terms. You will not the many huge breaches in the SSL certificates, etc, that has put our financial data at risk? Is it possible the deep dark underworld has known about these formulae and has been hacking quietly all along? Has James helped or hurt by bringing out to the public his discovers?

McCanney's Weekly Science Hour Archives

From James McCanney's website:

"Breaking RSA Codes for Fun and Profit" eBook ... individual book $13.95 in PDF format (only available on this page) only available in eBook format ...

NEW ePamphlet "Breaking RSA Codes for Fun and Profit" explains the history and importance of the use of Prime Numbers as the basis for secure computing encryption PLUS shows you how to quickly and easily break the RSA codes using my ground breaking work found in the print book Calculate Primes (only available on this page) ... you can order the eBook at in a number of ways ... 1) order the individual book (button at left) for $13.95 ... 2) order the entire set of previous eBooks for $69.00 OR the entire set of print books and you will receive the new eBook free ... OR 3) make any water filter product purchase and get the eBook free

return soon for the other books in e-Book format (note ... the "Calculate Primes" book will not be sold in eBook format due to the included 3 hour DVD disk ... all CDs and DVDs will continue to be available only by standard shipping ... all CDs DVDs and Posters will continue to be available in hard copy only - all books are still available in hard copy below)

Purchase link, but scroll doen untill you see "Breaking RSA Codes for Fun and Profit"

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