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MUST HAVE "how to" when the power goes out... and it will. A frequent guest on F2F. -James

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This Past Week's Show,
Friday, June 1st 2012
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Opening comments and news from James.

Pics from our Srping Flowers
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An Authentic "Maple Spring" Under
reported by MSM & Alt Media

F2F Listener Ray is keeping up with this story on F2F News Site:


Excellent Documentary Exposing
the Criminal Intent of FDA

Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.


The REAL Ron Paul Delegate Count

Is he out of it? Might their be an Open Convention?


April Surprise or April Fool?

The "Mass Arrests in April" story is upgated from last week here:

UPDATE: Um, it is June 1st , and still waiting for those arrests. -James

Well, with NO MASS ARRESTS as we were told WOULD happen in April 2012, David Wilcock is now say ETs will save the day!:

ETs are performing blatantly physical interventions to stop the "Powers that Were" from throwing Earth into war and chaos. Every aspect of the war machine is being systematically blocked -- with a minimum of casualties.

[PLEASE NOTE: This investigation is undergoing dynamic updates, including new sections that will be uploaded as time permits. For this reason, please LINK to it and pull excerpts, but do not COPY and REPOST it, as it will be constantly changing. Thanks!]

Divine Intervention is now taking place on a dramatic, unprecedented basis -- worldwide. 

This is causing a complete, systematic failure of the war machine on every level.

Guns will not fire. Radio and satellite communications systems are breaking down -- right when they are needed most. Airplanes and tanks will not start. Bombs will not deploy.

-David Wilcock (link)

These things are CLEARLY verifiable. Again, David, Show us the Beef! (Or for vegetarians, Show Us the TOFU! )

Les Visible -Socio-Political-Metaphysical Comentary

Les Visible is a writer and recording artist. He has had a lifelong love affair with the Hermetic Sciences and the Martial Arts. He is a seasoned traveler in psychedelic realms and prefers the Devic Kingdom over the suffocating confinements of the Sub-Matrix. Along the way he has matriculated from the military to prisons and the maximum security wards for the criminally insane. Each month. Les will share a passionate slice of his kaleidoscope of consciousness. He lives in various places in Europe with his wife Susanne and his memories.

www.lesvisible.com       www.les-visible.com

F2F upload to YouTube: Les Visible Video interview on Feet to the Fire:


Listen to Les' past F2F segments HERE

An Attempt/Experiment In Group/Distant Healing/Energy

James will take a name from email each week, and work with listeners to send energy to the person for their self-healing. Please think of this person this week, and visualize sending healing, love, energy.

This Week's Focus: Amore Bartoleme

Music provided for segment by Liquid Mind (Thanks Chuck!)

Send Requests to:


Jim Shultz -Psychic Commentaries

Personal friend of James for years, Jim Shultz, will be here each month for free readings for F2F Listeners and commentaries and teaching about psychics and psychic energy

To arrange a private consultation with Jim, Send email with contact phone number and brief summary of topic of inquiry to:

with Sterling Allan.

Each Sunday Night, join us for a 10 minute update of what is happening in the world of Free Energy.

This Week in Free Energy  Free Energy News
Pure Energy Systems


NOTE: F2F Listener Ray is keeping up with this story on the F2F News:


Laith Marouf - Program Director CUTV

A "Maple Spring" Ignored by the MSM, Opressed by the Police
and Overlooked by the Alternative Media:

Freedom of the Pressure Under Attack in Montreal

TWEET: @CUTVnews cameraman Laith Marouf has two fractured ribs from @spvm (Montreal Police) attack on Sunday.






Concordia University Television (CUTV) is a member owned and operated subsidiary of the non-profit corporation Concordia Student Broadcasting Corporation (CSBC) and whose primary purpose is to operate a TV station and video production facilities. CUTV distributes in-house, collaborative and external independent content through its closed-circuit TV network, DVD releases, internet-based distribution networks and public access TV channels.

CUTV is a Campus/Community TV and video production studio that provides an essential service to those in the Concordia and Montreal communities whose needs are not met by mainstream commercial TV stations and video production facilities. CUTV also serves as a viable community resource by providing the space, equipment and know-how of video production to student and community populations that are interested in producing content that accurately represents them and their interests.

CUTV Objectives:

1- To provide facilities, equipment and training through which members of Concordia and Montreal communities may gain the knowledge of, and experience with, video and TV production, programming, distribution and management.
2- To provide a “voice for the voiceless” in addressing issues of concern in specific communities and by producing programming by and for those who are not adequately served by the mainstream media.
These objectives are realized through the adherence to CUTV's Statement of Principles and the implementation of the Programming Policies that govern the station.

http://twitter.com/#!/CUTVMontreal      http://twitter.com/#!/CUTVnews         

http://cutvmontreal.ca         http://cutvmontreal.ca/CUTVnews


Christopher Tyerman - Canadian on the "Maple Spring"

Past F2F guest chimes in on Skype as a Canadian on the Quebec "Maple Spring" protests from his perspective in Saskatchewan, CA.

His (Unrelated) Work: www.thechronicalproject.org

Sterling D. Allan - Free Energy Investigator

The state of Free Energy: How near are we to a wide spread commercial breakthrough? Are we really any closer then last year?

Free Energy News - Pure Energy Systems

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