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Alternative Weekly
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Douglas Dietrich
Educate Yourself
Fluoride Action Network
The Giza Death Star
The Holy Virus
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MUST HAVE "how to" when the power goes out... and it will. A frequent guest on F2F. -James

James' Dog Charlie






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This Past Week's Show,
Sunday, May 6th 2012
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Detailed Show Info:

Opening comments and news from James.

The show this weekend will be live :-)


It appears ne'er-do-wells from Iraq, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, and other places (or those wishing to give that impression) have found an exploit in a PHP program I was using to aid in downloading archives. Either that or F2F has become the fastest growing radio show quintupling it's bandwidth in a month into the multiple terabytes. As much as it would be nice if the ladder, I had to take steps for the former.

I have removed all traces of that program and have replaced it with a program I have created which is 100%% non-exploitable. The changes were made Friday night and should appear seamless to the user. However, depending on browser cashe' setting, it is best if you refresh the page once if you use a bookmark to travel to F2F.

Let me know if there are any problems with downloading Archives. -James

Excellent and Concise Article on the problems with the Dec 21st, 2012 dating and "ending" of the Mayan Calendar


April Surprise or April Fool?

The "Mass Arrests in April" story is upgated from last week here:

UPDATE: Um, May 6th, and still waiting for those arrests.. -James

However, David Wilcox is (alone) reporting of "liens being made against all 12 Federal Reserve Banks." But there is not one single news source other then Wilcox for this info. This should be a public document that one can obtained other then through Wilcox. From the (various) court house(s). And there should be photocopies posted, instead, Wilcox (alone) posts it in HTML text with graphic of the signatures of Keenan and Scott, the filers.

I would like to see the Criminals gone as much as the next guy, but, I cannot accept any single-point references as facts. Truth can be verified from many different angles.

By comparison, Obama's birth certificate is presented with more credibility then this document.

SHOW US THE BEEF! I want to believe.

If you Google "Cease Desist Federal Reserve" there have been many such actions in the past year (though, more in recent times, as the system collapses).

If you Google "liens federal reserve" you will find all references to this recent action can be traced to ONE website: David Wilcox.

Les Visible -Socio-Political-Metaphysical Comentary

Les Visible is a writer and recording artist. He has had a lifelong love affair with the Hermetic Sciences and the Martial Arts. He is a seasoned traveler in psychedelic realms and prefers the Devic Kingdom over the suffocating confinements of the Sub-Matrix. Along the way he has matriculated from the military to prisons and the maximum security wards for the criminally insane. Each month. Les will share a passionate slice of his kaleidoscope of consciousness. He lives in various places in Europe with his wife Susanne and his memories.

www.lesvisible.com       www.les-visible.com

New upload to YouTube: Les Visible Video interview on Feet to the Fire:


Listen to Les' past F2F segments HERE

An Attempt/Experiment In Group/Distant Healing/Energy

James will take a name from email each week, and work with listeners to send energy to the person for their self-healing. Please think of this person this week, and visualize sending healing, love, energy.

This Week's Focus: Alan Goodine

HI James, Can we do a healing for my brother in law Alan Goodine. He has tonsil cancer and is in 4th week of kemo. thank you , -shine

Music provided for segment by Liquid Mind (Thanks Chuck!)

Send Requests to:


Jim Shultz -Psychic Commentaries

Personal friend of James for years, Jim Shultz, will be here each month for free readings for F2F Listeners and commentaries and teaching about psychics and psychic energy

To arrange a private consultation with Jim,
call 708-448-1435

with Sterling Allan.

Each Sunday Night, join us for a 10 minute update of what is happening in the world of Free Energy.

This Week in Free Energy  Free Energy News
Pure Energy Systems


Rand Flem-Ath Author, "Atlantis Beneath the Ice"

What if the Earth's crust has a major shift of, say 90 Degrees... would that not explain the lost continent of Atlantis as modern day Antarctica?

Rand Flem-Ath, a student of mythology, a librarian and an earth crust displacement theorist, has earned degrees from Simon Fraser University (Sociology) and the University of British Columbia (Master of Library Science). He corresponded with Charles Hapgood whose geological theory was championed by Albert Einstein. Hapgood wrote that Rand’s research was “the first truly scientific exploration of my work that has ever been done.” Rand is also the co-author of ATLANTIS BENEATH THE ICE and THE ATLANTIS BLUEPRINT.




Note: according to Rand, Atlantis cannow be found at:

LAT: 81-52-15      LONG 111-18-10

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