Oct 23rd, 2011
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as aired LIVE... Sunday, Oct 23rd 2011

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James' Opening Comments, Announcements & News

I have been listening to Webster Tarpley and find his souluitons interesting: http://tarpley.net/

Came across this 911 Truth URL: http://bushstole04.com/

True Openess to Truth Has It's Costs

The Web Links/RSS feeds provided on this page are no more then sharing sources that have, at times, been found by me to contain useful data, information, dates, links, commentaries, etc. Inclusion of these link/feeds does not mean I wholly support every word they contain as Gospel Truth. It does mean that I have found consistent value in the time/usable info ratio. Nothing more. I have grown weary of people who say, "if you have this link on your website, you must be DisInfo, or Zionist, or BlackOps, or Anti-Semite." If you are unwilling to take the inclusion of these links/feeds as merely a sharing of sources that YOU have to comb through with discernment for YOUR edification, well, then you miss the whole point of this website and radio show.

I have links and guests who seem to conflict with one another. I have links/guests who many may disagree with; perhaps even disdain. The links/guests are not here to help build your wall of comfort in your paradigm, but to challenge it. To help those of us who wish to audit their beliefs, principles and assumptions of truth against Reality as revealed by the Lack of Contradiction in evidence or logical proofs of those beliefs, principles and assumptions.

Religions have become arbitrary absolutes. Science has become a religion and politicians can openly lie, even on video, knowing that their supporting "news service" will not expose their lies, and their followers will not look elsewhere for their news.

Radio stations, radio shows, videos, alternative news websites, etc. have drawn lines to mark who are friends or foes. Who are Disinfo or truthseekers. What do they use for this criteria? Who will support their positions and who will threaten them. They have become gatekeepers just like the Main Stream Media they criticize for for screening out information.

As seen in George Orwell's Animal Farm,

...and the pigs become more and more like human beings—walking upright, carrying whips, and wearing clothes.

911 Truth websites screen out certain theories that have evidential merit if for no other reason, then it poke holes in their own supported theories. This defaces their own name. It is no longer a search for 911 Truth, but, 911 Truth As We Declare It.

From within these Truth Seeking, Alternative Website, questioning the role of State of Israel is as much as lighting road as with the Main Stream Media. Just questioning. Even with evidence.

Feet to the Fire will honestly, openly look at ANY position using the same, fair, respectful, unbiased approach regardless as some factions may view the topic and use the same, consistent, blind analysis using the Lack of Contradiction as our litmus test of the evidence or logical proofs.

This has a cost. It will make enemies of, or at least be unsupported by people holding positions that may be affected by a unbiased Socratesian eye. The effect of information presented in this show will only be as effectual as those reached by it. If you find this show/website worthy, spread the word. Very few else will.


Les Visible - Socio-Political-Metaphysical Comentary

Les Visible is a writer and recording artist. He has had a lifelong love affair with the Hermetic Sciences and the Martial Arts. He is a seasoned traveler in psychedelic realms and prefers the Devic Kingdom over the suffocating confinements of the Sub-Matrix. Along the way he has matriculated from the military to prisons and the maximum security wards for the criminally insane. Each month. Les will share a passionate slice of his kaleidoscope of consciousness. He lives in various places in Europe with his wife Susanne and his memories.

http://smokingmirrors.blogspot.com/       ====      www.lesvisible.com

Listen to Les' past F2F segments HERE

survival seed vault

An Attempt/Experiment In Group/Distant Healing/Energy

James will take a name from email each week, and work with listeners to send energy to the person for their self-healing. Please think of this person this week, and visualize sending healing, love, energy.

This Week's Focus: 

HI James, My lady friend Ethna has a sore on the right side of the inside of her mouth that is not healing. Can we do something for her. -shine

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Music for Healing Segment: Liquid Mind - Ambience Minimus - Zero Degrees Zero (www.liquidmindmusic.com)

James Arthur Jancik

I will discuss my sonic analysis of these events sent o me in email by a listener:

Russia came first and then Colorado and then Florida and then Virginia, but there were others in the world too. I am showing them in the order they happened:

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=w6QgjfCdw6U These are the sounds from August 11, 2011 of the Odessa, Russia sounds (called Godzilla noise )

2. And, on Aug 20, 2011, this is the sound heard over Skogsraaet, Sweden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joD-DGmqo9w&feature=related

3. These are the strange sounds in Colorado just before the earthquake on August 22, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JArPkrS4LYQ&feature=related (Sounds like Godzilla walking)

4. This is the sound that from Windsor Ontario August 21, 2011 which is more of a vibrational noise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcJRylPQKAs&feature=related This is very very different than the other sounds that have been recorded in the world (Note: youtuber does an comparison of what she heard to the other videos in other parts of the world and she was either time traveling when she recorded this video, or she got the date wrong as she announced when she said it was Aug 11 as recorded because then she goes on to say the noises are from Aug 21)

5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEvXII4ntZQ These are the sounds from Tampa baseball game on Aug 23, 2011 (also being called Godzilla noise)See game sounds

6. The very next day, August 24, 2011, a little bit down the coast from Tampa, St Petersburg, Florida heard this noise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuJD4ehNEm4&feature=related

7. On August 24th, same day St Pete's heard the strange noise, Virginia heard this and then they had an earthquake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGgJlYhMPls&feature=related

8. This is the strange sound heard over Lodz, Poland on Aug 26, 2011http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux5vgpuYjQ8&feature=related

9. At the very end of this video are the strange sounds coming from Curitiba Brazil on 9/1/11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBC22YHil38&feature=related

This was the video I sent you from youtube by a user that claimed the Russia sounds played backward are a flute, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yrJXRtcBJ4&feature=related I can no longer reverse on my computer so I can't verify what they said was a flute.

Youtubers are buzzing that these are the trumpets sounding from the book of Revelation. I know you didn't think you could see the 'man on the horse' riding by the huge fire in Egypt that looked like a ghostly figure dressed in a white robe, but perhaps we are in the biblical end times with the horsemen of the apocalypse first and now the trumpets. You did say on air that you'd rather see Jesus return than believe the words put out there by Wilcox and Fulford... just saying maybe in this case you will get what you asked for.

This is better 'evidence' of the sounds than anything I have found. She is
reading the Russian report but she inserts the sounds from each location
mentioned in the Russian report as supporting evidence:

with Sterling D. Allan

Each Sunday Night, join us for a ten minute update of what is happening in the world of Free Energy.

This Week in Free Energy == Free Energy News == Pure Energy Systems

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John Turmel, The "Anti-Poverity Engineer"

John C. Turmel (born February 22, 1951, Rouyn, Quebec, Canada[1]) is a perennial candidate for election in Canada, and according to the Guinness Book of Records holds the records for the most elections contested and for the most elections lost having contested 75 elections and lost 74. The other contest was a by-election that was pre-empted by a general election call.

Turmel believes in Louis Even's Quebec social credit theory of monetary reform[2] . He has also campaigned for the legalization of gambling, the adoption of "Local Employment Trading Systems" (LETS) which are interest-free barter arrangements, and for the legalization of marijuana[3] . He has participated in several protests outside of Canada's major banking institutions, saying that bank interest promote poverty and starvation in the third world[4].

Turmel, who lists his occupation as "professional gambler" known as TajProfessor or Great Canadian Gambler[5], was active in the Social Credit Party of Canada and the Social Credit Party of Ontario in the 1980s, and founded the Christian Credit Party in the 1980s, and the Abolitionist Party of Canada in the 1990s and the Pauper Party of Ontario in 2011. He wears a trade-mark white construction helmet when campaigning, and calls himself "the Engineer". The colour of his helmet is said to not only refer to the white construction helmets worn by engineers and architects on construction sites, but also to the berets blanc (white berets), the nickname of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael, a radical monetarist faction within the Quebec social credit movement.

Turmel's grandfather, Adelard Turmel, supported the Social Credit Party of Canada from its inception in 1935, and he passed on a belief in social credit monetary theories to his descendants[6].

Turmel describes himself as a follower of Jesus "the Nazoraean", though his beliefs are distinct from mainstream Christianity. He frequently refers to Jesus as a radical debt reformer, and often quotes the line, "Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors", from the Lord's Prayer (This line is usually translated as "Forgive us our trespasses" or "Forgive us our sins", which Turmel regards as a distortion of its proper meaning because Thomas 95 says: Jesus said: "If you have money, do not lend it out at interest." He has argued that Jesus died to bring salvation for mankind in this world, rather than in an afterlife.) -Bio taken from WikiPedia.



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