March 6th , 2011
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as aired LIVE... Sunday, March 6th 2011

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James' Opening Comments, Announcements & News


I posted a Blog entry on the Wisconsen Collective Bargaining Battle:

Les Visible's commentary on the subject:

A Power Point Slideshow of what is supposed to be recently release photos of 911: CLICK HERE  (4.5 mb)

(Note from James: unless this Power Point Slideshow is 5 years old, these are not "Newly declassified" as Dr. Judy Wood has them in her book, "Where Did the Towers Go?" and has been on her website for over 5 years; as per an email I received from Dr Wood.)

Les Visible - Socio-Political-Metaphysical Comentary

Les Visible is a writer and recording artist. He has had a lifelong love affair with the Hermetic Sciences and the Martial Arts. He is a seasoned traveler in psychedelic realms and prefers the Devic Kingdom over the suffocating confinements of the Sub-Matrix. Along the way he has matriculated from the military to prisons and the maximum security wards for the criminally insane. Each month. Les will share a passionate slice of his kaleidoscope of consciousness. He lives in various places in Europe with his wife Susanne and his memories.       ====

Listen to Les' past F2F segments HERE

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An Attempt/Experiment In Group/Distant Healing/Energy

James will take a name from email each week, and work with listeners to send energy to the person for their self-healing. Please think of this person this week, and visualize sending healing, love, energy.

This Week's Focus: 

A dear friend who listens to your show told me about your wonderful meditation and healing sessions on Sundays. I plan to listen tomorrow. I am asking for a healing for my father's wife, Evelyn Wheatcroft. She is 86 and suffered a stroke over a year ago--she has left side paralysis and uses a wheelchair most of the day. I'm also asking for a healing for my neighbor, Rowena Dake--she is 30 and has a football size tumor on her liver. Thank you so much for your service

Diana A

Hi James,Thanks so much for your wonderful show. I look forward to listening each weekend. I appreciate your open mindedness tempered with seasoned discernment. Thanks for all your efforts to share the quest for truth with us.Would you please add my mother's name to your healing request list? Her name is Catherine, and she suffers from dementia. She maintains an upbeat attitude, exercises, takes supplements, eats health producing foods . . . anything we can think of to mitigate her condition. We would be very grateful for the addition of some focused healing energy to her health regimen. Thanks so much,

James.Anne K
Minneapolis, MN

Hi James,

Today 3 weeks ago my Mother & Step Father was in a very bad car accident. My Mom is 76, my Step Father 83. My Mother has severe head trauma & my Step Father is quite ill as well with his heart & many cuts & bruises. I also would like to request a healing for my whole family on both my Mothers & (biological)Fathers side. My families have been in chaos & very dysfunctional from before I was even born & my brother has a very serious drug I ask humbley please for prayer for them all.... body, mind & soul. I know for a fact your meditation works & I have been doing this every Sunday night as I listen to your show faithfully. .... . Thank you so very much James & Bless you for all you are doing for are truly an earth angel & I so appricate all you are doing as well as a huge thank you to your listners that all join together in this great healing meditation service to all.

Sincerely, Juliyanna

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Music for Healing Segment: Liquid Mind - Ambience Minimus - Zero Degrees Zero (

Jim Shultz -Psychic Commentaries

Personal friend of James for years, Jim Shultz, will be here each month for free readings for F2F Listeners and commentaries and teaching about psychics and psychic energy

To arrange a private consultation with Jim, call 708-448-1435

with Sterling D. Allan

Each Sunday Night, join us for a ten minute update of what is happening in the world of Free Energy.

This Week in Free Energy == Free Energy News == Pure Energy Systems

Frank Joseph - Author, Ancient Historian

Frank Joseph returns on our F2F Mayan March Series to discuss his book:

Atlantis and 2012: The Science of the Lost Civilization and the Prophecies of the Maya

Frank Joseph suggests to the reader that the Mayan Calendar as we know it was passed along to the Maya by the Atlantians! Over the years some of the original teachings wer lost, but, one can see a mythological rendering of the original Atlantian messages. More a time calculator then a calendar, Frank Joseph shows through the interpretation of ancient documents, the original intent was to warn humanity about Solar activity that violently erupts at the end of the calculated cycles.

Based on more than 25 years of research around the globe and statements from Edgar Cayce about Atlantis and its Pacific sister civilization of Lemuria, Frank Joseph reveals that the Mayan Calendar was brought to Mexico by survivors of Atlantis. Uncovering the Atlantean influences in both ancient Mesoamerican culture and ancient Egyptian culture, he links the demise of Atlantis with the birth of the Olmec civilization in Mexico (the progenitors of the Maya), the beginning of the first Egyptian dynasty, and the start of the Mayan Calendar.

Joseph explains that the Mayan Calendar was invented by the combined genius of Atlantis and Lemuria and describes how it predicts an eternal cycle of global creation, destruction, and renewal. Correlating this recurring cycle with scientific studies on glacial ice cores and predictions from the Hopi, the Incas, and the Scandinavian Norse, Joseph reveals that 2012 could be the start of a new ice age and the advent of a massive solar storm. However, Joseph shows that the Maya knew the way to reestablish civilization’s cosmic balance before time runs out.

This Week's F2F Bumper Music
 Styx - "Crystal Ball"
Styx - Styx: Greatest Hits - The Grand Illusion
 REM- "It's the End of the World as We Know It"
R.E.M. - Eponymous - It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I feel fine)
 Yes - "State of Play"
 Queen - "Hammer to Fall"
 Bif Naked - "Everyday"
Bif Naked - Superbeautifulmonster
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