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James Jancik CAN handle the truth. Trouble is, no one will give it to him.
The Black Knight
James Arthur Jancik

Gary Hermann creates music by himself, which makes him The Lone Arranger.
Da Squire "G"
Gary Hermann

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Leather & Lace wants to put everything in it's place, including the Black Knight.

"Blues Poet"
Don Candu
Don Candu has a marvelous blues voice that can peel the paint off a concrete wall at twenty paces.

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"Capone" Stephen
Jay Stephen was last seen on a Waukegan street corner wearing nothing but a raincoat and a cummerbund.


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As "Mr. T" for Halloween in 80's

Kenneth "Kenny" J. Dombrowski
Jan 17th, 1936 - Feb 17, 2003

Owner of Ken's Bungalow Inn...
serving Stickney-Berwyn for MANY years...

"We meet but a few people who, simply by their spirit of love, provide a haven from all the crap and turmoil in the world. Kenny is one of those rare gems. He was a class act, and his presence is missed."
-James A. Jancik (BLKnight)
Soundman for Sushi & the Mungen, Sushi, and
Haymarket Riot.. all bands that played for Kenny.

Latest Picture


Brian "Elvis" Hermann
August 28, 1954 - April 14, 2004

Brother to Squire G, Big fan and supporter of the BKSG Show, Singer in Northbranch, and Sushi & the Mungmen, Husband, and Father.... Friend to all he met. He will be missed. (Pics Page)Click to hear Brian sing. See VIDEO of Gary singing a song written for Brian at his memorial service. (slow connections click to download video)

Latest Picture at
BKSG Studio

Jim Conk our liaison to iVisit (Known as "Goliath") Friend and Supporter of the BKSG Show Passed on: Oct 15th, 2006

Here da Boyz show dedicated to him on Oct 21th, 2006

Here a funny visit segment to the BKSG Show HERE

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