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Alert For The Times: Book of Secrets.

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Nonfiction. Index. Bibliography. Rare digital book utilizes the audio-visual waves of internet. Focus: the common man and woman. Not a doomsday story. Science, religion, the supernatural. In the fact of survival, it is wise to pay attention to the signs. Polarity of nationwide changes; global climate; Fr. Malachi Martin; St. Malachy of Ireland; Sister Lucia, Ed Dames; Nostradamus; the antiChrists; Adolph Hitler; new world order; Solar Cycles 23 and 24; the heyday of “Coast To Coast AM;” natural calamities 1996-2016; the power and peril of life in America today; global banking; on the heels of the recession-depression; the Great Depression; emergency legislation; in-depth review on microburst winds, Fatima, The Third Secret, and Garabandal. Researched since 1996.

Previous Feet to the Fire Shows (some now in higher quality audio) with Robert C. Valentine on previous editions of this book and related topics:

October 10th, 2004 David Booth's Message received from Sister Lucia (World Exclusive) MP3

December 18th 2005 with David Booth and Major Ed Dames linking Fatima and Planet X MP3

March 31st 2013 The new Pope in the light of St. Malachy, Nostradamus, Fatima and Garabandal

May 12th 2013 The Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima with a recap of events and the various anomalies of the release of the Mother Mary's Message

July 26th 2015 The 70th Anniversary of the Fatima Miracle at Hiroshima

August 9th 2015 The Prophecies of St Malachy, Fatima and Nostradamus and how they apply to modern times

February 7th 2016 Robert C. Valentine, who first appeared 12 years ago on Feet to the Fire Radio, returns to talk about his latest edition of his book, Alert for the Times: The Book of Secrets, available above.

Historical Key Points PDF by Robert C. Valentine

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