Heal Real

W&M By James A. Jancik - 7/11/98
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Healing comes from within.
You've got to seek the Spirit for the healing to begin.
Your demons know where to hide.
Beneath those painful memories bottled up deep down inside.

Reach in- Reach up- Let go.
Love in- Love out- Heal Real.

Fear strangles the soul.
It chokes out all your inner peace while it has control.
Pain is where fear is built.
It wards you off from facing fears and wraps you up in guilt.

(Repeat Chorus)

I know that you dread the pain of dredging through your past,
But you gotta let it out if the healing's to last.
Face your fears, release the pain reach up and let it go,
For it is then and only then your spirit's free to grow.

Well I know, I've walked that road,
But you need not walk it alone.
Please take my hand, And feel my love,
And I won't leave you when your journey's begun.
Come from the shadows, Into the light,
`Cause the Spirit's gonna make things right.
Make things right, Oh, make `em right;
Reach for the love that's from the Light.

Illusion is living a lie.
It's fueled by the outer fear of the real you inside.
Reality is the key.
The real you is beautiful come heal real and see.

Look in- Look out- See Real.
Love in- Love out- Love Real.
Heal in- Heal out- Heal Real