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"I bet you can't say that in Swahili" - (Dial-up) - (Broadband)
"Is that a Gay British accent, or Julia Childs?" - (Dail-Up) - (Broadband)
"What do you want for Christmas" - (Dial-Up) - (Broadband)
A group of Bits/Promos at RadioHeart Station- (Dial-Up) - (Broadband)
A full 22 min segment from Mar 21st, 2004 - (Dial-Up) - (Broadband)
(not on the Demo) Letter from Fan.... and The "The The"- (Dial-Up) - (Broadband)
(not on the Demo) A Hokey Pokey Burial?- (Dial-Up) - (Broadband)
(not on the Demo) "Goliath" Calls, Also "The Planet X Song"- (Dial-Up) - (Broadband)
(not on the Demo) "When Do You Say Donkey or Ass?"- (Dial-Up) - (Broadband)
(not on the Demo) '05 Halloween Show with John Lennon?- (Dial-Up) - (Broadband)
(not on the Demo) "Um.. Did you take his watch??"- (Dial-Up) - (Broadband)
(not on the Demo) "Kiky Curry Helps Women Stand and Pee?"- (MP3)
(not on the Demo) A Full Fun Show from Dec 13th, 2009 (MP3)


In the 80's, James Jancik (The Black Knight) and Gary Hermann (Squire "G") were in a Rock and Roll cover band named "Sushi & The Mungmen" where music, impromptu humor and fun satiristic banter was the theme of the show.

Fast forward to 2003. After 15+ years of estrangement, Gary stumbles upon James via an Internet search. James was doing a music show on a radio station as "The BLKnight" and invited Gary on for a show. Things picked up where they left of years earlier and gave birth to The BLKnight & Squire "G" Show!

Fun Music and Mayhem! Live, Impromptu, Stream-of-Consciousness Radio... Chicago Style!

In May 2009 will be the beginning of Year 7 of the BKSG Show! And.. one listen will let you know... their still crazy, after all those years... well unless you get help, you stay the same.. ;-)

Squire "G"

Rex Ungericht

Rex Ungericht's Parodies pop up here and there; a clever mix of his timing and wit places these gems a cut above the rest! Hear one of Rex's Parodies inspired by a spontaneous BKSG show bit and performed by BLKnight and Da Squire, "The Blue Flame"

<The Inspiration> and the <The Song>

For more about Rex: .

Jay "Capone"
Standup Comedy... Writing, Staring, Directing, Shooting in Films... Radio.. Television... there is not much Jay "Capone" Stephen HASN'T done... Working with Gary "Squire G" for over 12 years at his day job is where he finally joined the "Black Knight and Squire G" show as a guest in June of 2003 and ended up as an Associate Producer and sidekick of the show.

Don Candu

Don Candu, Musician on the Chicago Scene since Moses crossed the Red Sea, member of the Chicago original, Route 66, visits BKSG now and again and delights us with his "Blues Poetry"

Hear Don Candu LIVE on the BKSG Show <Click>

Cherokee Leather Creator of the Cherokee Kareoke, sings, answers the phone, and keeps the boys in-line... when she can! ;-)

PICS over Da Years from The BKSG Show!

Broadcast Live on IBC Radio Network

W.H.A.R.F 2004 Party

Singer Sam Dole LIVE on BKSG

BLKnight and singing duo "Dividing Gemini" on BKSG Show LIVE

Cherokee Leather & Don Candu performing LIVE

Photo of da Squire taken during extensive BKSG Show Prep

Chris Sipos LIVE in da Studio with Da Squire and's
Dj Spanish Eyes

Broadcasting LIVE at Waukegan Harbor Arts & Recreation Festival

The Alledged "Inspiration" for the Swahilli Bit

Singer Ayesu LIVE at BKSG Show

"Tinkles" The Clown as send in
by a Megan, a listener

The BOYZ @ Party

Señor Jay "Capone" Stephen

DJs Abraxas and SOL, now from & Cherokee Leather with da BLKnight


(Back In the Beginning,
May 24th, 2003)

DJ SOL now of
With da BLKnight @ RadioHeart Party

Broadcast LIVE on

DJ "Sir" Fast Eddie of Post-Knighting
with da BLKnight
Broadcasting LIVE @ Berwyn Houby Fest 2004 on FLy Radio

"Charlie" our Mascot


Phone: 888-863-2722

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Berwyn, IL. 60402

Thank you for enjoying our show,

James & Gary and Da Crew!